ONESOFTDIGM - Corporate History

ONESOFTDIGM - Corporate History

Corporate History

Our story began with a desire to put the power of knowledge in the hands of our customers.

  • 2018

  • Jun 2018
    Succeed KickStarter Campaign.

    Feb 2018
    Opened OSD (USA) ltd. in US.

    ONESOFTDIGM, Feb 2018
    ONESOFTDIGM won placement in Korean Innovation Center Silicon valley 'Soaring' 10-week mentoring program for U.S. and global expansion.

    Jan - Feb 2018
    The next device Fitrus Plus launched at CES and MWC.

  • 2017

  • Oct 2017
    Opened ONESOFTDIGM B.V. in the Netherlands.

    Oct 2017
    Succeed Makuake Crowd Funding Campaign in Japan.

    ONESOFTDIGM, Oct 2017
    SP&G invested in ONESOFTDIGM.

    ONESOFTDIGM, Oct 2017
    Postech invested in ONESOFTDIGM.

    Sept 2017
    Selected G-Star Dreamer by Gyeongbuk Creative Economy Innovation Center

    ONESOFTDIGM, Aug 2017
    ONESOFTDIGM won 2017 Highly Commended Award at International Research Symposium in Service Management.

    ONESOFTDIGM, Jul 2017
    ONESOFTDIGM won accelerator competition at HighTechXL, Eindhoven, Netherlands, placing first among 31 MedTech competitors. Received $15K to entry into new markets.

    ONESOFTDIGM, Apr 2017
    ONESOFTDIGM Selected Hit500 in South Korea.

    ONESOFTDIGM, Jan 2017
    First - generation device, ONE SMARTDIET, introduced at Consumer Electronics Show in Austin, TX.

  • 2016

  • 2016년 12월
    포스텍 · 한동대학교 대학생 건강서비스 실증사업 수행(데일리 헬스케어 실증사업단)

    May 2016
    Opened Research Institute (ONESOFT LAB).

    Jan 2016
    Registered ONE SMARTDIET trademark.

  • 2015

  • 2015년 11월
    포스텍 학생상담센터 생활건강서비스 테스트베드 운영

    2015년 09월
    원스마트다이어트 제품 출시

    2015년 04월
    퍼스트펭귄형 창업기업 선정(신용보증기금)

    Feb 2015
    ONESOFTDIGM is founded in South Korea.